Sustainable tourism is travel that respects the local people, the cultural heritage, and the environment

Travel is a transformative force for good. It creates jobs, impacts the well-being of local communities, affects the environment, and fosters cultural understanding and human empathy. This is why it’s a powerful antidote to bigotry, racism, ignorance, and inequality, and ultimately, can create a positive ripple effect across the world. However, travel also takes a toll on the environment, which is why it is important to travel sustainably.


Here are a few tips:


Tip #1: Go Local

Stay at locally-owned hotels, eat at locally-owned restaurants, and shop at locally-owned stores. By choosing local, you are economically supporting the destination you’re in and reducing your part in any transportation emissions that come from importing goods from other countries.


Tip #2: Respect the Environment

The environment is one of the most beautiful and fragile things we have so be sure to treat it with care. Don’t buy any products made from endangered plants or animals, use environmentally friendly + non-toxic personal care products, never feed or touch wildlife, and stay on the marked paths at protected sites.


Tip #3: Travel Smarter

Transportation is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, especially from the travel industry. When possible, take alternatives to flying such as a train or car. If you are flying, try to book non-stop flights, book on more energy efficient aircrafts, lessen the weight of your luggage and use carbon offsetting donations to pay for carbon credits against your travel.


Tip #4: Seek the Road Less Traveled

Overtourism, when there are too many tourists for a place to support, is hurting many destinations. To avoid this, travel in the off-season or, better yet, seek the road less traveled. To truly experience the culture of a country, visit smaller towns and villages that might not be on a “Top 10 Destination” list or look outside the most popular tourist destinations to find other places worth exploring.

We believe travel is a critical part of life and want to empower people to travel sustainably in their own lives.

It begins with education and awareness, so we are proud to share ways people can have a positive impact in the world through sustainable travel.”
— Jeremy Jauncey, CEO & Founder

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